Explore, Dream, Discover..

This journey was in the pipeline for a long time.  To spend a couple of days in seclusion at the temple town of Kollur, bordered by lush forests and mist clad mountains; that too during monsoon; and then explore coastal Karnataka, dream by the pristine beaches and discover  something new.

The long wait

The long wait – Kundapura Rly Station

My plans to travel solo raised quite a few eyebrows –Travelling solo at this age!!! Planning to run away from responsibilities!!Seeking spiritual solace!! Any sinister plans!!!

Are you insane? Exclaimed my daughter.

But I was desperately in need of a break.

For the last couple of years I have been running on an unrealistic schedule – 5 days at my office; 2 days busy with my holiday cottages, and then the weekly ordeal of shuttling between Cochin and Wayanad.  I was in a tattered shape; both physically and mentally. In addition some unfortunate incidents inflicted deep scar inside me; hence I opted for this unavoidable break.

Stripped of my normal environs, my friends, family and colleagues, my daily routines and schedules, my cabinet full of clothes and books – with all this taken away, I was forced into direct experience. That was not always comfortable, but was always invigorating.

Nevertheless the journey turned to be very exciting. Bumped into interesting personalities including drug peddlers, occasionally was out of place and certain experiences were out of the world. To sum it up the entire journey was a fab. In the coming days will post some snippets that i have scribbled down in my notepad.


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