Finally hitting the Road..

Saturday 27th July 2013
And now I hit the road…
Finally today will be hitting the road. The day was hectic; after arriving early morning from Cochin had matters to settle down and sort out, and in due course it was afternoon when I was free. Oops got to be ready for the trip. A bit of swift shopping, searching the cupboard for some outfits, some toiletries and finally packed up the whole stuff. The whole day it has been raining heavily and finally late evening bid good bye to my dear ones and stepped into the bus for Calicut.

And i hit the road

And i hit the road

As I waited for the Mangalore bound West Coast express it started pouring heavily again, but inside the station it was comfortable. It was quarter to 12 midnight and a sweet voice through the public address system announced the train is slated to arrive at platform number 4. Lugging my sort of heavy bag, rushed to platform number 4 at the far end; Panting and puffing managed to occupy a vacant seat there. The train was already running late and finally at half past 12 puff-puff-puff arrive the West Coast Express. No bookings; hence shelled out an extra buck to the ticket examiner and now I own a berth. Compartment flooded by heavy rains had a nauseating stench. I never was a fan of the Indian Railways and adding to the ordeal my berth the lower one was in a pathetic state; torn and strewn with cotton; A clear indication of apathy of Indian Railway to the South. With my footwear still on I laid down on the berth and as the train pulled out of the station the stench gradually weakened and was gone forever. Was just tossing and turning the whole night.

Sunday 28th July 2013
The train pulled into the Mangalore Central at wee hours of the morning, but the station was abuzz with passengers and vendors. From the exit I could see the bus to Kollur parked in front of the station. It was almost empty and so could occupy a comfortable window seat. As the bus accelerated and cruised up the Panvel highway I fell into a deep slumber. As I woke up the bus had already taken the diversion and was now moving past tiny settlements and deciduous forests towards the tiny hamlet Kollur. So will be going into a semi-recluse for next couple of days


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