Thalatta Thalatta – The Sea The Sea

From the deciduous forests of Kollur now I am heading to the coastal village (or town) of Gokarna.Mangalore–Madgaon passenger leisurely inches towards its destination occasionally tunneling its way out all the way through Konkan Rail.  The rail line, which runs parallel to the Arabian Sea coastline connecting Mangalore to Mumbai, offers some of the most spectacular views of any Indian rail journey.


Sharavathi Rail Bridge – Picturesque Konkan Rail (Picture Courtesy – Wiki Travel)

The Konkan railway route intersects national highway NH-17 at many places and run along, bifurcating picturesque paddy fields and sleepy little villages. With a stretch consisting of 91 tunnels and over 2000 bridges, criss-crossed by mountain ranges and a large number of tidual estuaries, Konkan Rail is one of the most difficult terrain ever encountered in the history of railway construction.


Chugging across the Sharavathi River

Here I go dangling over the Sharavati River, carried by the 2060 meters long Sharavati Bridge, the longest one in the Konkan railway. 3 hour journey concludes at the pocket-sized station of Gokarna Road.


Pocket-Size Gokarna Road Railway station (Picture courtesy – Jeane)


Gokarna Road Rly Station, Side View (Picture Courtesy – Jeane)

Walked around 1 Kilometer to reach the main road and boarded one of the frequently plying public transport buses to Gokarna.

PS:  You just pay a fraction of the charge of rickshaw for the bus ticket. The rickshaw guy was demanding 200 bucks, while the bus ticket cost me 10 bucks 

Now I am in the quaint little town of Gokarna. The weather is muggy out here.  Walking down the street unhurriedly, I dial number of my host Mahesh and he picks up the phone in 2-3 rings. Effortlessly he guides me to his place. Mahesh welcomes me with a warm handshake and “Good Afternoon sir, how are you?” Mahesh’s place was atop a cliff overlooking the sea. The view from here is astounding.

The Sea The Sea uttered my mind expressing joy on the sight of endless ocean. For the next two days I would be staying in a structure similar to a shack with basic facilities. Stretching on the lovely sea-face verandah I sipped the masala tea offered by Mahesh.

The sea looked fairly rough, and it was amusing to watch it bang itself against the cliffs and then recede, before gearing up for the next onslaught. I sat there for quite a long time watching the sea and the sky, and every wave.  In a couple of minutes I will be setting off for the beach trek .


6 thoughts on “Thalatta Thalatta – The Sea The Sea

  1. I have traveled on the Konkan railaway all the way from Mangalore to Goa and loved it. The drive along the coast is equally picturesque. Appreciate your stopping by my blog earlier and the follow Sunil 🙂

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