With the Eco-evangelist..

 After finishing the beach trek (shall post my beach trek adventure later) and taking a quick shower, I decided to hike around the hills close to my shack. My host Mahesh had told me about the breathtaking views of the ocean from these hills.

View from the hills close to Ram Temple, Gokarna

View from the hills close to Ram Temple, Gokarna

I gradually moved uphill and the imposing view of the sea was mesmerizing. The wind was strong and it started drizzling. The air was cool and damp but soothing.  The sounds of the ocean were comforting; the musical beating of the waves subdued all my worries.

View of Gokarna main beach..

View of Gokarna main beach..

As I moved ahead Gokarna beach was visible far below.  I walked further and I saw a gentleman with pony-tailed hair and lively eyes walking uphill.  With a broad smile he wished me Hari Om.  I reciprocated the wish. He was Varun Lulla – the Eco-evangelist from Mumbai. He had all the traits of a typical mumabikar- cheerful, friendly and enterprising. He was living in Gokarna for the last 6 years and is setting up an eco village here. Soon his parents too will be moving down to Gokarna


Varun who wants to increase India’s green cover, quit advertising for the pursuit of sustainable living, plans to introduce forest insurance in India and make concept playgrounds.

A rock on the hills...

A rock on the hills…

Our friendly chat lasted for a couple of minutes more. He shared his knowledge on the mystical village of Gokarna. He was wandering around the hills looking for flora and fauna unique to Gokarna.  We exchanged our contact details and he promised to visit Wayanad, my hometown soon. We parted again wishing Hari Om.

An Ashram downhill…serene ambiance…

The hills close to to Ram temple looked heavenly.  Meeting people here is destiny.  It was here I met the Eco-evangelist Varun, French couple Jonathan and Jeane, and Swiss nomad Stephanie. The night spent with Jonathan, Jeane and Stephanie in the moonlit hills was memorable.

Ruins of an ancient structure....

Ruins of an ancient structure….


6 thoughts on “With the Eco-evangelist..

  1. Hay,
    Hows you?
    Tis so beautiful to see you here.

    We’re doing the eco village in the mountain valleys of the western ghats now, just off Bombay in Maharashtra. We’re also working at gathering people within the city to encourage music and performance spaces. You are welcome to join.

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