A drab week :)


No posts for the last couple of days. I have run out of thoughts, themes, happenings and issues.


My illness which started as a minor temperature blew up to a respiratory tract infection.Azithromycin tablets that I am consuming have kicked the life out of me.  Drowsy, Drowsy, Drowsy; that is how I feel now.

Just a single day I kept off from my office; and there is heaps of work to complete. Finally managed complete a major chunk of my work by evening.

At night sitting in front of my laptop I tried to put down some words. Agh. It didn’t work out!!.  They were at the tip of my fingers, but I failed miserably to assimilate them to my laptop screen. For a lengthy stretch I gawked at the blinking cursor, keyed in pointlessly, wipe it out and lastly shut down my laptop.

All of a sudden all my ideas and thoughts seems to be perpetually wiped out.

Then lying on my bed flicked through a few of pages of The Arabs – Journey beyond the Mirage by David Lamb.  The author successfully sums up the rift between West and the Middle East. With the extinct of Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein’s police state some of David Lambs observations look out-dated. Lamb provides ample portraits of places like Egypt and Lebanon (more to come since I am only halfway through this book). I nodded out in between.

Finally I shut the book and I am hitting the sack.  See you after this weekend. Hopefully I will be back fresh with some interesting posts.

Have a great weekend.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’d like to thank AmbitionInTheCity  for presenting me with the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am deeply grateful for this lovely honor. If you haven’t yet come upon the  lovely blog, please take some time today to check it out. I love her work and am often inspired by her writing.


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1. I have been thinking of the day ending soon, so that i can make to my hometown on Friday

2. I have been thinking of great moments i will be having with my family at home this weekend.

3. My weight gain is annoying me. Thinking of a proper diet plant that would put me in proper shape.

4. Wonder when i will resume my regular practice of Yoga and Meditation.

5. I am looking forward to have a large number of followers for my blog

6. I dream of proving to be one of the best bloggers in the world.

7. I always want my holiday cottages to be the best in rating and its popularity increase day after day. I wish to have lot of international guests visiting and staying at my place.

My Nominees are

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Cheers to you all 🙂

The Right Choice..

( This was posted earlier in my blog in e-blogger. Since i migrated to WordPress, i thought of re-posting the same with minor changes)

As I pen down this post, I have made a CHOICE to write this post.  I made a CHOICE to get up, open my laptop, and start putting my thoughts on my blog. I could have made a hundred other choices. I could have stayed in bed. I could have taken a walk, or turned on the music, or gone out somewhere. But I CHOSE this activity, just as you CHOSE to read this post.

Lately I realized the significance of choices.  Choices do have a far reaching effect in our lives. We try to categorize choices as right, wrong, clever, foolish…. but are not sure which was right and which was wrong; which was foolish and which was clever. Sometimes our right choice in the long run might prove to be wrong, and the wrong one right.

The magical word CHOICE started lingering after interacting with the French family of Mr. Mignont Damein who stayed couple of days at my place.  They were a family of six of which four are children aged between 13 and 5.

Damien family at my place

Damien family at my place

The Damien’s were on a 10-month vacation, away from home in Paris traversing Asia.  The French couple have taken long leave from office.  Mr. Damien is a company executive with Samsonite, and Mrs. Damien is into advertising.  Their children carry their school in an I-pad.  Course materials are accessed online and are permitted from school to do their term exams online.

The eldest of the kids appeared for her last exam while vacationing in Goa.   Mr. Damien says he can’t remember the last time he had spent so much and such good time together with his family, uninterrupted by deadlines and unrealistic schedules at office.

Damien family at our dining room

Damien family at our dining room

“On leaving Paris I handed over to my office not only my car key, but  my Black Berry as well”; say Mr. Damien with a sigh of relief.  They told him he could keep the  B’berry – ‘I told them, no, thank you’ added Mr, Damien with a grin.   The company executive from Paris says he has been able to do very well without a phone and the Internet.

The kids were busy learning the lesson in the afternoon while Mr. Damien was relaxing in the plantations adjacent to the cottages ignoring the slight drizzle. Without the hefty pay packets, B’Berry and Internet he looked really relaxed and contented.  In a couple of days he will be into his next destination Sri Lanka. His CHOICE whether right or wrong, was really courageous- a CHOICE which most of us couldn’t even dream of.

Myself with Mignot Damien

Myself with Mignot Damien

Caught up with the hustle-bustle of everyday life; busy with my job and holiday cottages ; memories of the Damien’s had slowly eroded. But that was not the end. I was overwhelmed to receive this mail from the Damien’s once they were back in Paris. I would like to share the content of the mail here.


We just came back in Paris from our 10 months trip around Asia & Australia.

It has been a wonderful time of our life that we will remember forever. All along the way, hiking, cycling or riding, we opened to new beautiful worlds. And the most valuable treasures were you, the people we met, the new and old friends who enlightened our journey. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for the all the amazing happy moments we shared with you Thanks for your caring support, love and all what you made us discover.

The world is small. We hope our path will cross again. We would be happy to welcome you home in Paris whenever you come to France. 

 Our address : 62 rue de Prony, 75017 Paris, FRANCE


 Dominique, Damien, Lhassa, Oasis, Aladin and Odyssé

Photo sent after reaching Paris

Photo sent after reaching Paris

As I conclude this post, my dear one’s who have made a CHOICE to read this post; Have you made CHOICES that makes you happy or have you been staggering for  the whole life making CHOICES that make others happy.  At least from now make CHOICES that will make you happy and contented.

@Namaste Cafe (OM Beach – Gokarna)

Lighter moments in front of Namaste Cafe - OM Beach - Courtesy Tiara

Lighter moments in front of Namaste Cafe – OM Beach – Courtesy Tiara

Except for a couple of western backpackers Namaste Café was empty.  Namaste café which is open in and out of season is the best place to hang around and chill out at OM beach.  The restaurant opens to the sea and the view from the restaurant is very nice. The restaurant here serves great vegetarian and non-vegetarian bites.  Placing an order for a veg- pizza and masala tea I sat watching the waves lashing the rocks.  The food took a little time to reach my table but the portions were large. From crust to toppings the pizza was satiating.

Namaste Cafe...interior

Namaste Cafe…interior

Sipping the Masala tea I glanced around the café.  From the table at the right corner of the café there was someone watching me curiously; a lady blessed with dimpled cheeks .probably in her late twenties.  Her hair was coral-black and it toppled over her shoulders and bliss-blue eyes behind the eyeglasses were globe-round.  If I were a bachelor, there was a high probability of myself having a crush with her. Inquisitively I raised my eyebrows and she winked. When I winked she looked quizzical. With a sly smile she walked towards me.  She had a cheerful character. I am Tiara she said.  Tiara had a deep and gravelly voice that didn’t match her looks. Tiaras worked as a psychologist at Detroit, USA . For the last seven years Tiara has been visiting Gokarna at this time of the year.

View from Namaste Cafe

View from Namaste Cafe

As we sipped the masala tea, our conversation gathered momentum. Tiara was fascinated with the Indian institution of marriage. She started quizzing me on Indian outlook on relationships and the way we perceived the institution of marriage.  When I told Tiara marriage in India is a life-long relationship and not based on each other needs she chuckled and nodded approvingly. On hearing I have been living a successful married life for the last 14 years-in spite of the problems which creeps in intermittently-as any other relationship, Tiara vociferated pretty loudly.  Finishing the tea, we strolled along the beach.

I was unaware of being clicked :) - Photo courtesy - Tiara

I was unaware of being clicked 🙂 – Photo courtesy – Tiara

The beach was so soft; it felt like we were walking on a layer of unhardened chocolate. As we sauntered by the beach, Tiara talked about her broken relationships, ditching’ boyfriends and the trauma she went through. Tiara’s tone and gestures appeared a little melancholic.  To lighten up the situation I came up with the idea of trying some sand writing.

Scribbling in the Sand

I scribbled - The Treasure Trove

I scribbled – The Treasure Trove

It was tiara’s turn first to scribble in the sand. The writing has to be completed without the waves washing away the writing. With her varnished manicured finger nails, Tiara scribbled down the name of her boyfriend and her country.  I scribbled down the name of my holiday cottages (The Treasure Trove) and my workplace (Wrench).

Wrench - My workplace

Wrench – My workplace

We stood there with our feet in the sand next to our writings. Patiently we watched the water creeping up with each new wave getting a few inches closer to our writings. Waves crept further up the shore until all of the words we had written were washed away. The sand was perfectly smooth. as though the writing was never there.

Our Footprints - @OM Beach :)

Our Footprints – @OM Beach 🙂

An abrupt end..
The horizon seems like to be sewn with a line of gold. A flock of noisy seabirds’ squawked over our heads. A single boat was drifting towards the shore in the incoming tide.  We were encrusted with warmth of the setting sun.  As we walked backed, a carnival of aromas floated from the kitchen at the Namaste Café.

OM Beach view

OM Beach view

It was time to bid good-bye to Tiara. Tiara now looked pleased. Thanks for your time-she said-shaking my hand.  All exciting meetings do have an abrupt end. I started walking back to my shack close to Kudlee beach. The sun had not yet disappeared. The sea was indistinguishable from the sky. Gradually the sky started darkening slightly and from a distance when I turned around I could see Tiara still waving at me.

Sky Darkened by rain clouds - OM Beach

Sky Darkened by rain clouds – OM Beach