The Right Choice..

( This was posted earlier in my blog in e-blogger. Since i migrated to WordPress, i thought of re-posting the same with minor changes)

As I pen down this post, I have made a CHOICE to write this post.  I made a CHOICE to get up, open my laptop, and start putting my thoughts on my blog. I could have made a hundred other choices. I could have stayed in bed. I could have taken a walk, or turned on the music, or gone out somewhere. But I CHOSE this activity, just as you CHOSE to read this post.

Lately I realized the significance of choices.  Choices do have a far reaching effect in our lives. We try to categorize choices as right, wrong, clever, foolish…. but are not sure which was right and which was wrong; which was foolish and which was clever. Sometimes our right choice in the long run might prove to be wrong, and the wrong one right.

The magical word CHOICE started lingering after interacting with the French family of Mr. Mignont Damein who stayed couple of days at my place.  They were a family of six of which four are children aged between 13 and 5.

Damien family at my place

Damien family at my place

The Damien’s were on a 10-month vacation, away from home in Paris traversing Asia.  The French couple have taken long leave from office.  Mr. Damien is a company executive with Samsonite, and Mrs. Damien is into advertising.  Their children carry their school in an I-pad.  Course materials are accessed online and are permitted from school to do their term exams online.

The eldest of the kids appeared for her last exam while vacationing in Goa.   Mr. Damien says he can’t remember the last time he had spent so much and such good time together with his family, uninterrupted by deadlines and unrealistic schedules at office.

Damien family at our dining room

Damien family at our dining room

“On leaving Paris I handed over to my office not only my car key, but  my Black Berry as well”; say Mr. Damien with a sigh of relief.  They told him he could keep the  B’berry – ‘I told them, no, thank you’ added Mr, Damien with a grin.   The company executive from Paris says he has been able to do very well without a phone and the Internet.

The kids were busy learning the lesson in the afternoon while Mr. Damien was relaxing in the plantations adjacent to the cottages ignoring the slight drizzle. Without the hefty pay packets, B’Berry and Internet he looked really relaxed and contented.  In a couple of days he will be into his next destination Sri Lanka. His CHOICE whether right or wrong, was really courageous- a CHOICE which most of us couldn’t even dream of.

Myself with Mignot Damien

Myself with Mignot Damien

Caught up with the hustle-bustle of everyday life; busy with my job and holiday cottages ; memories of the Damien’s had slowly eroded. But that was not the end. I was overwhelmed to receive this mail from the Damien’s once they were back in Paris. I would like to share the content of the mail here.


We just came back in Paris from our 10 months trip around Asia & Australia.

It has been a wonderful time of our life that we will remember forever. All along the way, hiking, cycling or riding, we opened to new beautiful worlds. And the most valuable treasures were you, the people we met, the new and old friends who enlightened our journey. 

Thanks to each and every one of you for the all the amazing happy moments we shared with you Thanks for your caring support, love and all what you made us discover.

The world is small. We hope our path will cross again. We would be happy to welcome you home in Paris whenever you come to France. 

 Our address : 62 rue de Prony, 75017 Paris, FRANCE


 Dominique, Damien, Lhassa, Oasis, Aladin and Odyssé

Photo sent after reaching Paris

Photo sent after reaching Paris

As I conclude this post, my dear one’s who have made a CHOICE to read this post; Have you made CHOICES that makes you happy or have you been staggering for  the whole life making CHOICES that make others happy.  At least from now make CHOICES that will make you happy and contented.


7 thoughts on “The Right Choice..

  1. That was a fascinating read, Sunil. As a teacher, I loved reading that the students could stay abreast of their studies via digital devices. That’s where ed is headed. I am so glad you reposted this!

    • Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. Yeah this family were really wonderful. I feel privileged to be connected such wonderful people around the globe.:)

  2. What a wonderful choice you’ve made, and beautiful pictures here to tell the story.
    I try to make the right choices, and sometimes I succeed, other times I get caught up in what’s expected of me. The latter … I try to eradicate that problem from my life, and many times successfully. Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful places.

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