A drab week :)


No posts for the last couple of days. I have run out of thoughts, themes, happenings and issues.


My illness which started as a minor temperature blew up to a respiratory tract infection.Azithromycin tablets that I am consuming have kicked the life out of me.  Drowsy, Drowsy, Drowsy; that is how I feel now.

Just a single day I kept off from my office; and there is heaps of work to complete. Finally managed complete a major chunk of my work by evening.

At night sitting in front of my laptop I tried to put down some words. Agh. It didn’t work out!!.  They were at the tip of my fingers, but I failed miserably to assimilate them to my laptop screen. For a lengthy stretch I gawked at the blinking cursor, keyed in pointlessly, wipe it out and lastly shut down my laptop.

All of a sudden all my ideas and thoughts seems to be perpetually wiped out.

Then lying on my bed flicked through a few of pages of The Arabs – Journey beyond the Mirage by David Lamb.  The author successfully sums up the rift between West and the Middle East. With the extinct of Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein’s police state some of David Lambs observations look out-dated. Lamb provides ample portraits of places like Egypt and Lebanon (more to come since I am only halfway through this book). I nodded out in between.

Finally I shut the book and I am hitting the sack.  See you after this weekend. Hopefully I will be back fresh with some interesting posts.

Have a great weekend.


7 thoughts on “A drab week :)

  1. I hate HATE feeling lackadaisic. Or unambitious. I get chronic migraines, have RA and AS (two forms of arthritis) and so many of the meds leave me tired and unambitious. I had high hopes for Celebrex, but that made me not care. How do you blog when you just don’t care?

    So, this is me saying, I commiserate with your status. It’s an awful feeling.

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