Transcribing a New Year message

20th December 2013..

It is a frosty foggy morning. I am here in the balcony of a resort in Wayanad, with Shri. Vinod Kumar, international trainer of The Art of Living Foundation. I wait eagerly tapping my laptop to transcribe his New Year message that is to be published in the international magazine of The Art of Living foundation.


Shri. Vinod Kumar, International Trainer, The Art of Living Foundation

“Close your laptop and write it down”, he commands smilingly, handing over a bunch of white paper and a pen.

Now I am alarmed. For a long time I have never penned down anything on a paper; except for some short notes or briefings at my office. Will I be able to transcribe his words without any misses or errors? I close my eyes, breathe deeply in and out. Now my chattering mind is pacified and I wait for his words to flow.

What should be the subject of my message? He smiles quizzically.

Service, responsibility or may be Yoga, I answer hesitatingly. He approvingly shakes his head and say, Ok, let me start with the word Resort.

There is an incessant flow of words; it started with deciphering the word resort and then moved on to social responsibilities, yoga, service, care for ageing parents and practical wisdom, all these well connected. His vocabulary was very strong and rhyming of words was textbook perfect. Initially it was tough keeping up with his pace, but gradually my pen was in sync with his pace. In between he deliberately paused for a while so that I could complete a long sentence. It was challenging, since every word that came out were not to be missed.

We have now almost churned out 5 pages of text and now he sits contemplating on the concluding part. I gaze admiringly  at this amazing personality wondering at the steady flow of words from his mouth, and he smiles back compassionately. Concluding part of the New Year message has been jotted down and now I read the 5 ½ page text, while he listens meditatively.  To my astonishment every single word of his were reproduced by me on the paper.

I crack my knuckles to relieve my tiring hand and he pats me appreciating my effort and say “You never thought you could do this without errors? Isn’t it?” When i nod approvingly he says with a grin “Nature never demands you to do what you are not capable of.”

He throws a glance at his watch and tells me “Its quarter to eight, have your breakfast and go back to work. Edit and compile this manuscript after 1p.m. and ensure it is mailed before 2 p.m. “

Every moment with him is precious and inspiring and this was just the beginning of those precious moments and surprises that were in store for me in the coming days. After a satiating breakfast I walk back to my makeshift workplace amidst nature and connect to my office miles away for the day’s work.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year…


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