Back after a hiatus


I am back after a temporary hiatus. For the last couple of months i got thoroughly engaged with my holiday cottages, job and family commitments. In fact  i missed one and all spread out in the blogosphere. To put it straightforward, reason for my absence was my innate lethargy which pulled me back. Some say it is the Writer’s Block. I googled out a hundred times to find out ways to come out of this, but was just dismayed  viewing the results.



Ideas,thoughts and concepts  were bombarding me but something restricted it from flowing down to my finger tips. Many a days i sat motionless, eyes glued to my laptop screen watching the cursor blinking. Regularly i was deprived of sleep and it took a toll on my physical and emotional health in the form mild hypertension.  My family physician vouched i was stressed!!  Yes he was right to an extent. I was working 7 days a week for almost for the last 4 months; 5 days at my office and 2 days running our holiday cottages. Engaging demanding customers was always tiresome  and stressful.

It was an irony i possessed all the tools to de-stress, but these days they lay un-attended. Today again i could feel the pressure shooting up and hence decided to stay from work this afternoon. As i was lying down i could feel words creeping down my fingers. I immediately opened my iPad, lying close to me and started tapping the keys.

The past few months  were not much eventful. There was a steady flow of guests to our home-stay cottages, we took a break and went for a trip to Mysore in Karnataka.


Majestic City of Mysore

A sudden storm that erupted in our neighborhood inflicted large scale damages all around. Trees were uprooted and we incurred some losses in our plantation. Power was cut down for almost 2 days. Lighting struck damaging our power back up systems and computer. In fact we had to run on generators for 2 full days.


Fury of Nature

The greatest loss we suffered this year was the unexpected loss of Mr. Rajan, Accounts Manager, Uravu Ecolinks, who was killed in a tragic accident. We banked upon him at times of crisis.

On the brighter side worlds’s largest and most reliable travel portal Trip Advisor, awarded our business The Treasure Trove (  with Certificate of Excellence Award 2014.


Certificate of Excellence


We completed 3 years of operation facing lot many challenges and stiff competition prevailing in the industry. Our operation model  were replicated my many accommodation provides and still is being aped by new entrants to this industry.

The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove

Before i wrap up i would like to express my gratitude and thanks to the following personalities and organizations who supported us wholeheartedly for smooth running of my holiday cottages.

  • Shivya Nath, the digital nomad who popularized our cottages in the international market through her venture India Untravelled. (I shall dedicate a post to Shivya in the coming days). We successfully developed a north Kerala circuit connecting offbeat locations, which is now very popular.
  • Sri. Rajagopal of Glenora Homestay (www, a premium homestay in Wayanad for his support right from the days of our struggle till this date. 
  • Sri Raveendran Karumathil of Pranavam Farm Stay, Wayanad; a fatherly figure who guided us in the right path.
  • Smt. Seetha Raj of Ente Veedu Homestay who supported us in establishing our business in the early days of struggle.
  • Sanne Meijboom for her interest shown in getting our place listed in I Like Local, a tour operator based in Holland promoting rural and off-beat tourism.
  • Farhan and Nasreen of Soul Indian Journeys, Sydeny.
  • Mr. Sumesh of Kabani, Responsible Tourism Strategist, for his advise and tips on shaping up as responsible accommodation provider.
  • The management and staff of URAVU eco-links who supported us in the maintenance of our cottages.
  • The families at the Bamboo Village home-stays who provided great support by accommodating our guests at times when it was required.
  • Mr. Rajesh and Sam Varghese for their support when it was needed most.
  • All those friendly cab and tuk-tuk drivers who took care of our guests sincerely
  • My kids and my without whose support we could have never dreamt of coming up with such a venture.
  • And last not the least my loving family of brothers and sisters at my workplace, Wrench Solutions, Cochin; for their encouragement,support, inputs and directions.

Coming days i will be posting on personalities who helped me in building up this business and some wonderful guests who stayed at our place.

Have a great weekend.


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