The traffic light

As we drove down the busy road, traffic light turned RED. Traffic came to a stand-still. We patiently waited for the AMBER light and then the GREEN.

Traffic lights are a common part of our daily lives. We rarely avoid them. We just do what they tell us to. We are aware of the fact that avoiding them would prove disastrous.

We also tend to play Red light, Yellow light, Green light in our day to day life and relationships; both professional and personal. But do we really pay attention?

It is quite easy to tell who is giving out a Green Light indicating they are open for a relationship. Their gestures, their actions and things they say easily indicates the color of light emanating from them.

Never avoid the RED

Never avoid the RED

Have you thought about the color of light you display with colleagues at the workplace, friends you meet and you family members. The colour of light you display is easily perceived without you uttering a word.

Do you show a red light indicating your unavailability or lack of interest for an  intimate relation. Do you display the amber light indicating you are not completely open nor completely shut; perhaps someone with the right key can enter.

When your light is green your actions indicate you are open. You may be searching for a response from someone and a few intimate words makes it easy. We often feel a Green Ligh is fine and things are under our control. When the light is Amber we are a little bit cautious and reassure it is just fun and nothing will happen.

Keep going when it is GREEN

Keep going when it is GREEN

Always be aware of the risk that may come across if traffic is too fast. Know when to display GREEN and move…Watch the AMBER and slow down before rushing…Come to a complete stop when you see RED.

Skillfully managing the colours of GREEN, AMBER and RED will shape your life.


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