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You are the Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas. Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God. In these time when hate, suspicion, greed and violence prevail let the spirit of Christmas help us in overcoming the negative forces. To all my friends celebrating Christmas I offer this message delivered by my master years back at the German Ashram on A Christmas Eve as my Christmas gift.


You are the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is pointing upwards and its branches grow on all sides. It is orderly. At the time of year when no tree bears anything, it has many gifts to offer. And it is green throughout the year. A Christmas tree bears the gifts and the lights not for itself. All the gifts you are carrying in your life are for others. Anyone who comes to you, you offer them your gifts.
There were lots of gifts around Sri Sri’s couch. John asked Sri Sri, “Are you going to open the gifts?” Sri Sri winked and pointed at the people and said, “I am always opening the gifts.” (Laughter)

Your life is a gift. And you have come to unwrap the gift. In the process of unwrapping, you also save the wrappers. Your whole environment, situations, circumstances and body are the wrapping papers. When we unwrap, we destroy the wrapping paper. We are in such a hurry at times that we even destroy the gifts. With patience and endurance, open your gifts and save the wrapping papers.

The Farewell Song

Bidding farewell from one’s school or college in the final year after spending most lively and memorable moments of lifetime is one of the most painful times in ones life. The pain of parting that engulfs us is inexpressible.We will be leaving our routine and entering a new world. It is the time when even the worst student is blessed and hugged by classmates and teachers. It is the time we thank everyone for their support and say sorry for our mistakes. It is the time when we try to smile when our heart weeps. It is the time when foes turn to friends and fear of leaving our friends dawn on us. A time of last celebration in the school!

Farewell song by final year students

Farewell song by final year students

Yesterday it was such an occasion on the 14 th annual day celebrations of Green Hills Public School, Wayanad; The final year students bid farewell to the school rendering a touching farewell song. This was the most touching event i have ever witnessed at a school. Tears rolling down, choked threats and sobs while expressing gratitude and the well composed and choreographed farewell song moved parents, teachers and students who had gathered at the venue.


I could see students crying, teachers sobbing and i felt a strange heaviness in my heart. How terrible the children would be feeling of missing all those fun, pranks, and their friends and teachers who are like the air they breathe. Being close teaches us the message of love but parting gives us the hope of new beginning.

The Green Hills Public school wore a festive look on 14th annual day celebrations

The Green Hills Public school wore a festive look on 14th annual day celebrations

No doubt these kids were lucky to be a part of this wonderful institution. I personally wish each one of the wonderful ones in the 12th standard all success in your future and express my heart full gratitude and appreciation to each and every member of management and staff for providing our children such an excellent ambiance and support thus helping them to mould their future.