Through the elephant trails..

(Hala..Happy New Year. This is the my first post in 2016. Previous year i couldn’t devout much time to blogging due to my hectic schedules in both personal and professional life. I couldn’t make long trips and was forced to satiate my urge to wander and explore by making short trips in and around my native place Wayanad. So let me hit the blogosphere this year with my short  adventure through elephant trails in a remote area of Wayanad.)

On a chilly Saturday morning i set off my unplanned adventure through unfamiliar forest trails in search of my favourite one’s – Wild Elephants. I was well aware of the fact that it was like searching for danger. As I moved through the narrow, winding forest path my ears strained for the trumpet of a charging elephant from the thick bushes.



Elephant Trails

Though travelling through unfamiliar elephant trails is risky it was an experience to cherish. Sight of fresh dungs, bamboo torn apart,  and the pungent odour of elephants; i expected them at every curve and corner of the narrow potholed road, but this time they evaded me.


Not the right place to pose for a snap

On the way we stopped and hurriedly clicked some quick snaps. As i posed leaning to a huge tree, i felt something crumbling from the bamboo bushed behind. We sprang towards the auto and moved away.


Tribal Settlement

Finally i reached an amazingly beautiful tribal settlement amidst thick woods. It is an area of intense human-wild animal conflict.




Lovely place to be

Tuskers rampaging paddy fields, chasing school children and ambushing passing vehicles is a daily affair here said the tribe we met here. Sometimes they turn to killers too.


Mathai my auto driver chatting with the tribe man we met.

There goes the only bus that connects the village with the outside world.


This bus connects the village with the outside world

Inhaled some fresh air, enjoyed the silence, cool breeze and serenity of the place and clicked some quick snaps ensuring the wild ones were not around :).


Paddy fields amidst thick woods

My auto driver and adventure trips companion waves at me and shouts..It’s time to go back before THEY come..That was a short trip but will be back again for a full day adventure.


Lovely place with fields in the background







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