The Deity of “Death”

Death as we all know is inevitable and unfortunate and will surely touch us at one point or another. But death is unfair and cruel when it is sudden because it is unforeseeable and tears family apart since there is no time to say goodbye. For the departed souls dear one’s life is changed for ever.

In Hinduism Yama is the deity of death. He is depicted as dark in colour with red clothes (somewhere black cloths), and seated on a he-buffalo. He holds a noose of rope in one hand to snatch the soul from the body.

Recently an accidental death of a young man who was still building his life left me contemplating the strange way the deity of death operate. My contemplation resulted in the following verses.


Up in the hills

On a sunny midday,

The deity of death

Snatched another soul.

Hey deity of death

Moving on that shiny black bull,

Spinning your tight noosed rope

Searching for the next one in your roll.

I have something to tell you

Listen with an open heart,

At times you are so cruel

It’s time for you to ponder.

I feel you work at your will

Snatching away precious souls.

You say it’s your duty

But alas!  At times you are so heartless.

You prey on young lively souls

Who live with lots of hopes and goals?

You betray their kith and kin, and leave them in lurch

With your impromptu act.

Why you prey on those noble souls

When there are a lot waiting for you around,

You say it’s your way

But please stop this I pray.

There I saw an ailing old man

Praying for you, to snatch him fast,

And I saw people praying for you

To snatch away a cruel wicked man.

But you rode fast past them

Looking for another noble soul,

Hey deity of death

You are so unfair.

Once I saw your face

Masqueraded behind the black veil,

Tears rolling down your cheeks

When you snatched another noble soul.

I realized you were helpless

You deity of death,

For that’s the way

This whole creation is designed.



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