Summer Rain…

April 28th 2017..

Hello World! It is pouring. Yes, it is truly pouring as I write this. Rains are not unusual during this time of the year. After so much summer heat the heavens broke to release a torrent of rain. It’s pouring down over my house and garden with a roar.


I LOVE rains. The pitter patter of the rain creates a shield around me. I love the rain, I always have. I like it even better with thunder and lightning, but hate the strong winds that cause large scale destruction to crops.


The rain was warm the thunder deafening and huge lightning bolts flashed and streaked all the way across the sky. Here in Wayanad with today’s pour, it feels a little relaxed. The heavy rains have carved a miniature canyon in the path. Doubtless the soil was made soft by the gentle rainfall the previous week and so was no match for the sudden deluge.


Trees and plants drenched in the downpour, swaying in the winds, welcoming the summer rains, seems to be in a jovial mood. Hailstones clattered to the ground like marbles spilled from a box. The sound of this rain, so soothing to me, is enough to drown out every other noise. There are no cars, no machinery and certainly no birds. Should the phone ring now I doubt it would cut through…


I chill out by my window and enjoy watching, hearing and smelling the summer rains. The path through the garden is muddy water in motion, filling deep puddles that hide the ruts of dryer weather.


To feel it isn’t enjoyment, not fun like the gentle sunshine of springtime, yet it is a part of life and I want to feel it just the same. I want to experience each drop, together and apart, same and different.  I need to be in this, chaotic and wild, just like my mind and soul – like nature looked right into me and pulled the weather out.


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