For me dusk is always mysterious. Even if I don’t worry about ghosts in the backyard or monsters under the bed, i probably still get a little nervous when the sun sets and darkness creeps over the horizon. On the positive side this is the best time time to click mesmerising photos. This is time i usually venture out with my camera hoping to click the creepiness of dusk.


Dusk comes sooner than expected, the last of the sun’s rays protected behind soft grey cloud. The surroundings takes on the look of an old photograph, every familiar thing a shade of grey. The trees are crazy silhouettes against a newly silver sky. Their branches sway in the wind, creaking into the gusting air. The first sound of the nocturnal animals comes.


The darkening sky filled with lavender and indigo clouds, cove up the first stars of the night. The last vestiges of the setting sun disappeared over the horizon, the copper hues giving way to a dusty purple scattered with the occasional glitter of a faraway star.


This is the time i hate to drive, because i feel a bit dizzy or light headed at this time of the day.  I feel this is the dangerous time to be behind the wheel because the lack of light or rays from the low sun can be hazardous. That is all about dusk…


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